Sarcoidosis Foundation of WV, Inc.

Sarcoidosis Foundation of WV, Inc.

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The Sarcoidosis Foundation Of WV Inc is a foundation that was formed to help support anyone who is suffering from this fairly unknown disease and their significant others and those wanting to know more about the disease. We try to show that you do not have to become a victim, but you can be victorious and also become an advocate for sarcoidosis. We want to promote education, awareness, and support research that will one day find a cure and cause for sarcoidosis, and also help improve quality of life for those sarcoid sufferers. We will carry on public events that provide education and awareness of this disease, raise funds for research by offering literature and lectures that are held by qualified indivuals. We feel this will help provide an optimum quality of life for those suffering with this disease.

The Sarcoidosis Foundation Of WV Inc was founded by Yvonne L. James. Her inspiration comes from her own struggle with this disease. She displays impeccable courage and a commitment to help others with this "deadly disease". We can help stop another snowflake from melting away by educating people about this devastating disease and helping researchers find a cure for this" silent killer". We know that knowledge is power! She will, along with the volunteers of this organization, continue to work with determination in our hearts and minds to raise awareness of sarcoidosis. We will seek to make all levels of society more aware of this complicated disease. With the help of individuals from all walks of life, we can and will make a difference. This can be done through L.U.N.G.S. (Launching A United Nonstop Generational Fight Against Sarcoidosis)

The Sarcoidosis Foundation Of WV Inc uses the phrase: "Act Before Another Snowflake Melts Away"! when participating and hosting public events connected with Sarcoidosis. We use this because: Just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two people with sarcoidosis are alike.

Support Group Leader
Yvonne James
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