How You Can Help Win the Fight

How You Can Help Win the Fight


Sarcoidosis devastates patients in hundreds of manifestations.

It destructs and tortures the body.  It can ravage a person’s emotional and mental health. It can destroy a person’s ability to work and can end careers. It can defy treatments and disregard prayer.  And then it does these things all over again not just to the patient, but to their families, friends, and loved ones.

Within this heartbreaking scenario, FSR views our mission as a true fight – to win against sarcoidosis, we need your help.  Why? Because the status quo is not working. In fact, the average time for a new drug to travel from a researcher’s petri dish to a patient is about 13 years.

This means that for sarcoidosis, a rare disease that garners very little research funding, the statistics are even more grim.  That is where FSR comes in. As a non-profit organization, we serve to raise resources and gather expert information about where to invest to make the most impact.  Individuals who donate to FSR are investing in treatments and a cure for sarcoidosis patients and families.  Your support will literally improve the medical research in sarcoidosis and speed up the time it takes to bring important new medicines from discovery to patients. Please, choose to invest.

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