Knowledgeable and connected patients are empowered patients.

Talking with and learning from others who have had similar experiences can help patients deal with sarcoidosis. To address this, FSR tries to connect people to local resources whenever possible. One way we do this is by connecting people to online or local, independent sarcoidosis support groups.


Find a Local Support Group

In-person support groups provide an outlet for patients and family members to share experiences, emotions, and knowledge. Because of this, FSR maintains an online directory of independent sarcoidosis support groups in the U.S. Search for a group in your area using the box below!

National Sarcoidosis Online Group

  • Group Leader: Frank Rivera
  • City: Online
  • State: Online
  • Country: Worldwide
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Not finding a support group in your area and not ready to start your own?

Reach out to one of our patient ambassadors and get their help! Our patient ambassadors are trained to help patients find the resources they need near them. Your ambassador may know of other support groups in the area that are not sarcoidosis-specific and may be a good source of individual support as well.