Tulane University Lung Center

Tulane University Lung Center

1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 988-8600

Telephone: 504 988 8600, Ms. Anna Campos scheduler, Ms. Pamela Jackson, RN

1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118

Observational and clinical trials in sarcoidosis and expert patient care

Members of World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders (WASOG)

Our support group information:  nosarcoidosis@gmail.com ; New Orleans Sarcoidosis Support Group is on Meet Up

English, Spanish, French

Physicians Name
Dr Lesley Ann Saketkoo
Physicians Title
University Medical Center Comprehensive Pulmonary Hypertension Center, Co-Director of Research
New Orleans Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis Patient Care and Research Center
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