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The FSR Video Library consists of recorded webinars and physician presentations from our Patient Education Conferences. FSR makes it a priority to record and share these videos, to ensure all patients and caregivers can access the invaluable information that is shared by our expert presenters, regardless of if they’re able to attend them live. This way, the recordings serve as a lasting resource for patients and their loved ones, as well as for anyone- medical providers included- looking to learn more specifics about the disease.

Patient Conference Recordings

FSR hosts numerous Patient Education Conferences each year. We strive to make these conferences as accessible as possible for patients and their loved ones, however we know that even with our best efforts, not everyone will able to attend one of our events in person. For this reason, we record the conference presentations whenever possible to ensure that the valuable information shared is available online to patients and caregivers wishing to learn more about the disease.

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2018 Conference Recordings:

St. Louis, MO - November 3

Sarcoidosis Overview – Dr. Ravi Nayak

Neurosarcoidosis – Dr. Brandi Baker

Muskuloskeletal Sarcoidosis – Dr. Deborah Parks

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Marya Gleva

Treatment Options for Sarcoidosis – Dr. Adam Anderson

Advanced Sarcoidosis – Dr. Bob Baughman

Cleveland, OH – September 22

Sarcoidosis Overview – Dr. Manuel Ribeiro

Neurosarcoidosis – Dr. Mary Willis

Ocular Sarcoidosis – Dr. Sumit Sharma

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Christine Jellis

Cardiac Electrophysiology – Tom Callahan

Advanced Sarcoidosis – Daniel Culver

Chicago, IL – April 14

Sarcoidosis 102 – Elyse Lower

Sarcoidosis Skin Concerns – Misha Rosenbach

Neurosarcoidosis – Jinny Tavee

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Alex Chicos

Emerging Therapies and Current Research – Bob Baughman

Miami, FL – February 24

Current and Future Treatment Options – Divya Patel

Treatment and Future of Research – Dr. Debasis Sahoo

Sarcoidosis Overview – Dr. Gregory Holt

Rheumatologic Concerns – Dr. Haala Rokadia

Liver + GI Concerns – Dr. Cynthia Levy

Pittsburgh, PA – March 3

Neurological Concerns – Dr. Jinny Tavee

History of Sarcoidosis – Dr. Kevin Gibson

Emerging Therapies and Current Research – Dr. Catherine Bonham

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Mike Mathier

Lung Involvement – Dr. Danny Kass

2017 Conference Recordings:

Jacksonville, FL – November 11

Sarcoidosis Overview – Dr. Mehdi Mirsaedi

Complications of Sarcoidosis – Dr. Divya Patel

Sarcoidosis Treatments – Dr. Leslie Cooper

Ann Arbor, MI – September 30

Sarcoidosis: An Overview – Dr. Manuel Ribeiro

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Thomas Crawford

Neurosarcoidosis – Dr. Larry Junck

Disease Management and Treatment Options – Dr. Todd Koelling

Seattle, WA – July 29

Sarcoidosis Overview and Treatment – Dr. Ganesh Raghu

Opthalmologic Concerns – Thella Leveque

Neurosarcoidosis – Jeff Gelfand

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Richard Cheng

Hershey, PA – April 8

Sarcoidosis Presentation and Diagnosis

Cutaneous Sarcoidosis – Misha Rosenbach

Parasarcoidosis Symptoms – Marc Judson

Treatment Options – Elliott Crouser

Future of Research – Daniel Culver

Dallas, TX – March 13

Treatment Options – Dr. Bob. Baughman

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Ed Miller

Pulmonary Sarcoidosis – Dr. Connie Hsia

Rheumatological Concerns – Dr. Fatima Ezzati

Phoenix, AZ – February 3

Sarcoidosis Overview and Sleep Complications – Dr. Ken Knox

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – Dr. Jennifer Cook

How to Get the Most Out of Your Neurology Clinic Visit – Dr. Holli Horak

The Future of Sarcoidosis Research and Genetics – Dr. Skip Garcia

Webinar Recordings


Small Fiber Neuropathy and Ongoing Clinical Trials – Dr. Daniel Culver


Sarcoidosis Treatment and the Future of Research – Daniel Culver



Treatment and Fatigue in Sarcoidosis – Dr. Bob Baughman

Mindfulness: Symptom Management and Better Living with a Chronic Illness – Dr. Lesley Ann Saketkoo


2015 and Earlier

Current Progress in Sarcoidosis Research – Dr. Wonder Drake

Exploring Treatment Options – Dr. Bob Baughman

Neurosarcoidosis – Dr. Barney Stern

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