The FSR Physicians’ Treatment Protocol is a valuable and time-serving tool for physicians in guiding treatment options.

FSR is committed to addressing the gaps that exist in sarcoidosis research. This includes the lack of information and knowledge around the current disease treatment options. Yet another challenge of “rare disease” is the inherent rarity of specialists and experts that can help guide treatment options. While physicians who specialize in sarcoidosis can be found, many times patients and doctors are challenged by a lack of information. FSR’s Scientific Advisory Board developed a Physicians’ Treatment Protocol that can offer expert information to physicians to help guide their diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Click Here to view the list of commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment of sarcoidosis.

NOW AVAILABLE: FSR Physicians’ Treatment Protocol is a MOBILE APP for download on mobile devices.

This information can be viewed by physicians, and by patients to share with their doctors.

Click to View Physicians’ Protocol and Authors Cited for the list of experts who developed this tool.