Research Center

Research Center

exceptionFSR is committed to pushing sarcoidosis research forward into uncharted, promising territories.

We adhere to the philosophy that for the medical research system to work, it has to be patient-focused, and patient-driven. Our work is collaborative with all stakeholders. FSR is dedicated to extensive collaborations that are based on the shared principles of FasterCures’ The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN), which has been established to create opportunities for medical research innovators to discuss and tackle the challenges that cut across diseases. FSR will seek opportunities to move the field of research forward though the following potential projects:

  • Developing pre-clinical tools that benefit the sarcoidosis research field and disease research overall;
  • Targeting research in areas that will help translate basic scientific discoveries into therapies – such as bio-markers, animal models, endpoints, and small pilot clinical trials;
  • Creating funding mechanisms that enable academic researchers to work with industry partners;
  • Providing access to a patient community and resources by creating patient registries, biorepositories, and networks of trained clinical trials sites;
  • Working with companies to explore new indications for existing drugs.

As an independent nonprofit, FSR is ideally positioned to make relatively high-risk investments that could significantly move a field of research forward and increase the likelihood that other parties also will invest.

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