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The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research Global Sarcoidosis Clinic Alliance (FSR-GSCA) is a member program consisting of clinics, hospitals, and individual providers committed to finding a cure and offering evidence-based, patient-centric care for those living with sarcoidosis.


To ensure that sarcoidosis patients in every community have access to information, education, clinical trials, and patient support services.

To identify, acknowledge and support clinicians through networking opportunities/forums that enable learning, sharing and advancements in finding a cure and in continuity of care. ​

To accelerate research through FSR’s global assets and funding. To structure research initiatives with a strategic approach driven by measurable data and insights. ​

To contribute to business outcomes through patient benchmarks and community health improvement services.​

Physician Testimonials

“Building this network of provider and support resources for patients puts us several years ahead of where would be if we tried to do it on our own." 

"You are obviously very organized in your approach, and we look forward to being a part of it."

“There is nothing here that is not a good idea for the sarcoidosis community.”

“This is a long time coming – the sarcoidosis community needs this.”

“As a founding member we will be at the center of collaborations and building of the new direction of the program.” 

“You are also filling a gap for community hospitals, local providers and patients.”

“It would be an honor to be part of your program.”

"We are so excited after this meeting. We await your shared material so that we can send back a collaboration proposal."

"Looking forward to being a part of the alliance that will positively impact the lives of patients with sarcoidosis."

“This alliance will help patients find the care they need as well as opportunities to participate in research that allows scientists to better understand their condition. It also allows clinicians and researchers to interact, which inevitably will improve care for people with this rare, neglected disease.”

"The membership fee is nominal for what you are offering."

If you are in the medical field and are interested in learning more*, please contact

*Annual membership fee is $5,000

For Patients

More information coming soon!

  • Peer-led Support Groups
  • Community Outreach events and programs
  • Alliance Member Clinic information
  • Opportunities to provide feedback
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