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Clinical Studies Network (CSN)

OSAP 2016-2018


“Potential Limitations of Activity Tracking Devices in Monitoring Effects of Treatment for Sarcoidosis.” ATS. May 2018

  • R.P. Baughman, R. Reeves, J. Zeigler, M.A. Judson, D. Culver, E.S. Chen*, N. Sweiss, N.Y. Hamzeh, D. Valeyre, J.C. Grutters*,and G. Spitzer.

“Analysis of Baseline Data from Two Multicenter Clinical Sarcoidosis Trials of the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research Clinical Sarcoidosis Network.” ATS. May 2018.

  • M.A. Judson, D. Culver, J.L. Beaumont, N.Y. Hamzeh, E.S. Chen, N. Sweiss, D. Valeyre, D. Victorson, and R.P. Baughman.


“The Correlation of a Sarcoidosis Clinical Outcome Score to Patient Demographics and Sarcoidosis Organ Involvement.” ATS. May 2019.

  • K. Hu, R. Reeves, J.M. Zeigler, M.A. Judson, D. Culver, N. Sweiss*, E.S. Chen*, N.Y. Hamzeh, J.C. Grutters, D. Valeyre, G. Spitzer, and R.P. Baughman.


Disease Model

“New advances in the development of sarcoidosis models: a synopsis of a symposium sponsored by the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research.” Sarcoidosis Vasculitis and Diffuse Lung Diseases. 2018. 

  • J.Sellares, I Strambu, E.D. Crouser , M.A. Freudenberg, M. Gulati, S. Hart, E. Herzog, M. Kolb, T. Weichhart, W. P. Drake, G. Spitzer , N. Singh, D.A. Culver

Thomas Weichhart

“Chronic Signaling Via the Metabolic Checkpoint Kinase mTORC1 Induces Macrophage Granuloma Formation and Marks Sarcoidosis Progression.” Nature Immunology. March 2017.

  • M. Linke, H.T. Pham, K. Katholnig, T. Schnöller, A. Miller, F. Demel, B. Schütz, M. Rosner, B. Kovacic, N. Sukhbaatar, B. Niederreiter, S. Blüml, P. Kuess, V. Sexl, M. Müller, M. Mikula, W. Weckwerth, A. Haschemi, M. Susani, M. Hengstschläger, M.J. Gambello, and T. Weichhart.

“Whole Exome Sequencing in Three Families Segregating a Pediatric Case of Sarcoidosis.” BMC Medical Genomics. February 2018.

  • A. Calender, P.A. Rollat Farnier, A. Buisson, S. Pinson, A. Bentaher, S. Lebecque, H. Corvol, R. Abou Taam, V. Houdouin, C. Bardel, P. Roy, G. Devouassoux, V. Cottin, P. Seve, J.F. Bernaudin, C.X. Lim, T. Weichhart, D. Valeyre, Y. Pacheco, A. Clement, and N. Nathan N.

“mTOR as Regulator of Lifespan, Aging, and Cellular Senescence: A Mini-Review.” Gerontology. 2018.

  • T. Weichhart

Elliott D. Crouser

“A Novel In Vitro Human Granuloma Model of Sarcoidosis and Latent Tuberculosis Infection.” ATS. May 2017.

  •  E.D. Crouser, P. White, E.G. Caceres, M.W. Julian, A.C. Papp, L.W. Locke, W. Sadee, and L.S. Schlesinger.

“IL-13-regulated Macrophage Polarization during Granuloma Formation in an In Vitro Human Sarcoidosis Model.” American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology. August 2018.

  • L.W. Locke, E.D. Crouser, P. White, M.W. Julian, E.G. Caceres, A.C. Papp, V.T. Le, W. Sadee, and L.S. Schlesinger.

Marina Freudenberg

“Lung Macrophage Scavenger Receptor SR-A6 (MARCO) is an Adenovirus Type-Specific Virus Entry Receptor.” PLOS. March 2018.

  • N. Stichling, M. Suomalainen, J. W. Flatt, M. Schmid, M. Pacesa, S. Hemmi, W. Jungraithmayr, M. D. Maler, M. A. Freudenberg, A. Plückthun, T. May, M. Köster, G. Fejer, and U. F. Greber.

Erica Herzog

“Elevated Mitochondrial DNA Is Associated with Poor Disease Outcomes in Sarcoidosis.”  ATS. May 2018.

  • C. Ryu, C. Brandsdorfer, T. Adams, D. Kelleher, M. Yaggi, N. Kaminski, E. Herzog, M. Gulati.

“Plasma Mitochondrial DNA is Associated with Extrapulmonary Sarcoidosis.” European Medical Journal. 2019.

  • C. RyuC.BrandsdorferT.AdamsB. HuD. W. KelleherM. YaggiE. P. ManningA. WaliaB. ReevesH. PanJ. WinklerM. MinasyanC.S. Dela CruzN. KaminskiM.GulatiE. L. Herzog.


FSR's Fellowship Grants

Ozioma S. Chioma

“Detection of Mycobacteria and Propionibacterium Acnes 16s rRNA in Sarcoidosis Tissue Reveals Genetic Ambiguity Across Species.” ATS. May 2018.

  • O.S. Chioma and W.P. Drake.

“Gender Differences in Sarcoidosis Mediated by PD-1, and TH17 Pathway.” ATS. May 2019.

  • O.S. Chioma, L.J. Celada, K. Abel, D.C. Newcomb, and W.P. Drake.

“Time of Intervention Affects Anti-PD-L1 Reduction in Pulmonary Fibrosis.” ATS. May 2019.

  • K. Abel, N. Hassell, W. Luo, W.P. Drake, and O.S. Chioma.’

“Immune Evasive Mechanisms Prompted by CD8+ T Cell Dysregulation in Sarcoidosis Local and Systemic Environments.” ATS. May 2019.

  • L.J. Celada, A. Abad, G. Shaginurova, O.S. Chioma, W. Luo, K. Abel, K.A. Richter, and W.P. Drake.

“Estrogen Induction of Interstitial Lung Disease is Mediated Through PD-1+Th17 Cell-Dependent and Independent Signaling Pathways.” FOCIS. June 2019.

  • W. Drake, O. Chioma, N. Hassell, K. Abel, L. Celada, and D. Newcomb.

Lori Garman

“ARID3a Gene Profiles are Strongly Associated with Human Interferon Alpha Production.” Journal of Immunity. January 2019.

  • M.L. Ratliff, J. Garton, L. Garman, M.D. Barron, C. Georgescu, K.A. White, E. Chakravarty, J.D. Wren, C.G. Montgomery, J.A. James, and C.F. Webb.

“Transcriptomic Profiling Via RNA Sequencing of Peripheral Blood Single Cells and Granulomas Reveals Immunosuppression in Sarcoidosis.” ATS. May 2019.

  • L. Garman, R. Pelikan, C. Lareau, K.A. White, A. Rasmussen, O.S. Chioma*, W.P. Drake, and C. Montgomery.

Changwan Ryu

“Elevated Mitochondrial DNA Is Associated with Poor Disease Outcomes in Sarcoidosis.” ATS. May 2018.

  • C. Ryu, C. Brandsdorfer, T. Adams, D. Kelleher, M. Yaggi, N. Kaminski, E. Herzog, and M. Gulati.

“Plasma Mitochondrial DNA is Associated with Extrapulmonary Sarcoidosis.” European Respiratory Journal. 2019.

  • C. Ryu, C. Brandsdorfer, T. Adams, B. Hu, D.W. Kelleher, M. Yaggi, E.P. Manning, A. Walia, B. Reeves, H. Pan, J. Winkler, M. Minasyan, C.S. Dela Cruz, N. Kaminski, M. Gulati, and E.L. Herzog.

Brian Young

“Repeatability and Optimization of FDG Positron Emission Tomography for Evaluation of Cardiac Sarcoidosis.” JCC Cardiovascular Imaging. March 2019.

  • R.M. AlviB.D. YoungZ. ShahabH. PanJ. WinklerE. Herzog and E.J. Miller.


“Sarcoidosis Treatment and Outcomes: What is Most Important to Patients?” ERS. February 2018.

  • J. Boyd, R.P. Baughman, D. Valeyere, A. Álvarez Rodríguez, L. Charvoz, H. Faber, C. Knoet, F. Martone, D. Novel, B. Quadder, J. Richardson, G. Spitzer, G. Ziosi, and J. Hochreiter.


Patient Registry


“Social Predictors of Hospitalization in the Sarcoidosis Advanced Registry for Cures (SARC).” ATS. May 2018.

  • L.J. Harper, A.K. Gerke, R.P. Baughman, M.A. Judson, L. Serchuck, L.A. Maier, G. Spitzer, N. Singh, M. Li, X.F. Wang, M. Drent, and D.A. Culver.

“Impact of Sarcoidosis on Participants from the Sarcoidosis Advance Registry for Cures (SARC).” ATS. May 2018.

  • A.K. Gerke, L.J. Harper, R.P. Baughman, M.A. Judson, L. Serchuck, L.A. Maier, M. Drent, G. Spitzer, N. Singh, M. Li, X.F. Wang, and D.A. Culver.


“Income and Other Contributors to Poor Outcomes in US Sarcoidosis Patients.” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. December 2019.

  • L.J. Harper, A.K. Gerke, X.F. Wang, M.L Ribeiro Neto, R.P. Baughman, K. Beyer, M. Drent, M.A. Judson, L.A. Maier, L. Serchuck, N. Singh, and D.A. Culver.



ATS/FSR Partnership Grant

2005- Dan Culver (Cleveland Clinic)

“Depressed Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma (PPargamma) is Indicative of Severe Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: Possible Involvement of Interferon Gamma (IFN-gamma).” Sarcoidosis Vascular Diffuse Lung Disease. June 2006.

  • B.P Barna, D.A. Culver, S. Abraham, A. Malur, T.L. Bonfield, N. John, C.F. Farver, J.A. Drazba, B. Raychaudhuri, M.S. Kavuru, and M.J. Thomassen.

2006- Jan Wahlstrom (Karolinska University Hospital)

“Reduced Th1 Response in the Lungs of HLA-DRB1*0301 Patients with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.” European Respiratory Journal. 2006.

  • F. Idali, M. Wikén, J. Wahlström, H. Mellstedt, A. Eklund, H. Rabbani, and J. Grunewald.

“CD4+ T Cells in Sarcoidosis: Targets and Tools.” Expert Review of Clinical Immunology. 2006.

  • J. Grunewald, A. Eklund, and J. Wahlström.

“Identification of HLA-DR-Bound Peptides Presented by Human Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cells in Sarcoidosis.” Journal of Clinical Investigation. November 2007.

  •  J. Wahlström, J. Dengjel, B. Persson, H. Duyar, H.G. Rammensee, S. Stevanović, A. Eklund, R. Weissert, and J. Grunewald.

“Autoimmune T Cell Responses to Antigenic Peptides Presented by Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cell HLA-DR Molecules in Sarcoidosis.” International Congress of Immunology. September 2007.

  • J. Wahlström, J. Dengjel, O. Winqvist, I. Targoff, B. Persson, H. Duyar, H.G. Rammensee, A. Eklund, R. Weissert, and J. Grunewald.

“Analysis of Regulatory T cell Associated Forkhead Box P3 Expression in the Lungs of Patients with Sarcoidosis.” Journal of Translational Immunology. April 2008.

  • F. Idali, J. Wahlström, C. Müller-Suur, A. Eklund, J. and Grunewald.

“Altered Expression of T Cell Immunoglobulin-Mucin (TIM) Molecules in Bronchoalveolar Lavage CD4+ T Cells in Sarcoidosis.” Respiratory Research. May 2009.

  • Authored by F. Idali, J. Wahlström, B. Dahlberg, M. Khademi, T. Olsson, A. Eklund, and J. Grunewald J.

“Autoimmune T Cell Responses to Antigenic Peptides Presented by Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cell HLA-DR Molecules in Sarcoidosis.” Clinical Immunology. December 2009.

  • J. Wahlström, J. Dengjel, O. Winqvist, I. Targoff, B. Persson, H. Duyar, H. Rammensee, A. Eklund, R. Weissert, and J. Grunewald.

2006- Robert Silver (Case Western Reserve University)

“TLR-2 Dependence of Granulomatous Lung Disease in a Murine Model of Sarcoidosis.” ATS. May 2009.

  • M.A. Seifu, D.E. Nethery, R.Eisenberg, M.I Gabrilovich, J.R. Walrath, J.A Kern, R.F. Silver.

“Disordered Toll-Like Receptor 2 Responses in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.” The Journal of Translational Immunology. August 2013.

  • M.I. Gabrilovich, J. Walrath, J. van Lunteren, D. Nethery, M. Seifu, J.A. Kern, C.V. Harding, L. Tuscano, H. Lee, S.D. Williams, W. Mackay, J.F. Tomashefski Jr, and R.F. Silver.

2008-Elliott Crouser (Ohio State University)

“Microarray Gene Expression Profile of Peripheral Blood From Patients With Sarcoidosis Implicates the Transcription Factor, STAT1.” Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. May 2008.

  • S. Pasadhika, E. D. Crouser, C. A. Harrington, D. Choi, S. R. Planck, J. R. Smith, and J. T. Rosenbaum.

“Gene Expression Profiling Identifies MMP-12 and ADAMDEC1 as Potential Pathogenic Mediators of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care. May 2009.

  • E.D. Crouser, D.A. , K.S. , M.W. , G. , S. , S. , J.E. , M.D. , M.A. , P. , A. , and C.

“Infliximab Reverses Peripheral CD4+ T Cell Depletion in Lymphopenic Sarcoidosis Patients.” ATS. May 2009.

  • E.D. Crouser, M.W. Julian, G. Shao, C. Fox, D. Hauswirth, J. Jehn, G. Lozanski, S. Erdal, and M.D. Wewers.

“The CD4+ Lymphopenic Sarcoidosis Phenotype Is Highly Responsive to Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Therapy.” Chest Journal. 2010.

  • E.D. Crouser, G. Lozanski, C.C. Fox, D.W. Hauswirth, R. Raveendran, and M.W. Julian.

“MicroRNA Targets The Neopterin Pathway In Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.” ATS. May 2011.

  • E.D. Crouser, M. Julian, G. Shao, M. Crawford, D.A. Culver, and P. Nana-Sinkam.

“Increasing Prevalence Of Sarcoidosis In A Midwest USA Metropolitan Health System.” ATS. May 2011.

  • S. Erdal, B. Clymer, and E.D. Crouser.

“Quantitative Computerized Two-Point Correlation Analysis of Lung CT Scans Correlates with Pulmonary Function in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.” ATS. May 2011.

  • B.S. Erdal, E.D Crouser, V. Yildiz, M.A. King, A.T. Patterson, M.V. Knopp, B.D. and Clymer.

“Nicotine Treatment For Sarcoidosis: Pilot Study Results.” ATS. May 2011.

  •  M. Julian, G. Shao, Q Huang, N. Bhatt, D. Cosmar, G. Phillips, L. Schlesinger, D.A. Culver, R.P. Baughman, K. Wood, and E.D. Crouser.

2008- Edward Chen (Johns Hopkins University)

“Serum Amyloid A Regulates Granulomatous Inflammation in Sarcoidosis through Toll-like Receptor-2.” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care. February 2010.

  • E.S. Chen, M.H. Willett, R.C. Yung, S. Groshong, R.M. Tuder, Z. Song, S. Heine, M.C. Liu, Y. Zhang, and D.R. Moller.

2009- Lobelia Samavati (Wayne State University)

“Dysregulation of p38 and MKP-1 in Response to NOD1/TLR4 Stimulation in Sarcoid Bronchoalveolar Cells.” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care. September 2010.

  • R. Rastogi, W. Du, D. Ju, G. Pirockinaite, Y. Liu, G. Nunez, and L. Samavati.