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While one of the main symptoms of sarcoidosis is fatigue, patients are still encouraged to participate in light to moderate exercise when possible. Staying active increases bone and muscle strength, which helps you maintain mobility and keeps your body working efficiently, as well as boost your mood.

Staying Fit with Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Two of the most common symptoms of sarcoidosis are pain and fatigue, which make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. Working out can feel impossible on bad days. However, keep in mind that light, easy exercises improve your health and will enhance your overall quality of life. Sarcoidosis patients have found that walking, yoga, swimming, and other low-impact exercises have greatly improved their health. Take exercise tips from other sarcoidosis patients, since they also know what it’s like to battle chronic pain and fatigue.

Find Sarcoidosis-Adjusted Workouts

The pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath that sarcoidosis patients face present a lot of barriers to many popular workouts. However, many workout routines can be adjusted to suit specific needs, giving people with special requirements the opportunity to live an active lifestyle. For example, there are several yoga poses that have been identified as specifically helpful for sarcoidosis patients for various reasons. Making these adjustments can lead to a healthier, happy life. 

Prednisone can have a lot of debilitating side effects, one of which is weight gain. Some people can even develop diabetes if they are on Prednisone for several years. It is difficult to combat the side effects of Prednisone since it is such a powerful steroid. However, a sarcoidosis-adjusted exercise routine, you can help counteract the weight gain. It is difficult to pick up a workout routine while facing chronic fatigue, pain, and trouble breathing, but keep in mind that it will ultimately improve your quality of life if you stick with it.

Track Your Fitness

Fitness tracking is a great way to stay in shape. Knowing how many steps you’ve walked, stairs you’ve climbed, or calories you’ve burned in a day is the first step towards improving. With certain apps and devices, you can set daily goals for yourself and then monitor your progress. If you are competitive with yourself or your friends, tracking your fitness is a great way to get easy motivation to stay active. Pacer, Stepz, Breeze, and Accupedo are just a few examples of fitness tracking apps.

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