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The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) created a Video Library consisting of recorded webinars, virtual education events, and physician presentations.

FSR makes it a priority to record and share these videos to ensure all those in our sarcoidosis community can access the invaluable information shared by our expert presenters.

View the different playlists available on our YouTube channel below.

FSR’s Educational Videos host National experts in sarcoidosis who cover a wide range of topics on managing and treating sarcoidosis. You’ll find webinars specific to a sarcoidosis manifestation, such as our Cardiac Sarcoidosis Series, and more wide ranging webinars on Systemic Sarcoidosis, or our Sarcoidosis Survival Checklist Series covering everything form the symptom patters of the disease to what to monitor.

Our Emotional and Mental Wellness Series playlist features sessions facilitated by clinical mental health professionals on topics important to our sarcoidosis community, including stress, therapy, and pain management.

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