FSR is now inviting individuals living with or affected by sarcoidosis to apply for our new Patient Advisory Committee. It is our vision that this committee will help FSR build a Patient Advisory Board that will further incorporate the patient voice into education, communication, and research as well as to provide patient representation to various other stakeholders in the larger sarcoidosis space (industry, clinicians, researchers, government, and insurance.)

For this current opportunity, we will be looking for 10-12 committee members who showcase the following:

  • A strong interest in providing patient voice and representation within the sarcoidosis community (industry, research, government, and education)
  • Diverse backgrounds that accurately reflect sarcoidosis patient populations in the US
  • Sarcoidosis patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals or people who have experience with building and working on a Patient Advisory Committee or Board, project management, patient advocacy, or social work.  

As a patient-founded organization and one that has always sought the input and ideas of our community, we’re thrilled to have patients help us create a formalized process to do this via the Patient Advisory Committee. We invite anyone interested to apply and lend their voice to FSR’s mission.