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FSR-GSCA Community Groups: Empowerment through education, support, and community 


The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research is pleased to offer peer-led Community Groups as part of the Global Sarcoidosis Clinic Alliance (FSR-GSCA) initiative. Community Groups provide local opportunities for people living with sarcoidosis and their loved ones to engage in education, support, and networking. These groups are facilitated by FSR Volunteer Community Group Leaders, who are themselves patients with sarcoidosis, or caring for someone with sarcoidosis and have been trained to empower their peers. FSR-GSCA Community Groups meet in-person at FSR-GSCA member clinics, or virtually.

Each month, Community Group Leaders work with our FSR-GSCA member clinic to host local experts in sarcoidosis, and other areas of interest to group members such as pain management, emotional support, and more. Click on your state below to find the closest FSR-GSCA member clinic and associated Community Group and register to attend.  

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If you do not currently see a group in your area, please check back as we will continue to launch groups throughout the year in many states. Alternatively, FSR provides a National Virtual Support Group three times a month – learn more here.  

Liability Waiver: 

By submitting this form, I release Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, their employees, officers, volunteers, agents, and the FSR-GSCA Member Clinic (collectively “FSR-GSCA”), from liability including claims of FSR-GSCA’s negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death), mental health injury, or economic loss I may suffer or which may result from my participation in this FSR-GSCA Community Group, travel to and from the FSR-GSCA Community Group (including air travel), or any events incidental to this FSR-GSCA Community Group.  

Please review the Rules of the Road before attending so that you are aware of Group expectations prior to attending. 

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