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Tracking your fitness may be a way to help manage symptoms and side effects for sarcoidosis patients.

As many sarc warriors know, it can be extremely difficult to stay active when you’re living with sarc. Between the chronic pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, and wide variety of side effects of medications, it can feel like you have every reason not to exercise. However, anecdotally as well as in some studies, it’s been shown that regular physical activity might actually help reduce some of these symptoms and may improve daily quality of life for sarcoidosis patients.

One of the latest studies on this is coming out of the Netherlands at the ILD Care Foundation. They are studying the benefits of regular moderate activity levels in patients with chronic lung diseases. They recently released a video explaining the study and the preliminary results they’re seeing with patients enrolled in the study.

If you’re interested in raising your own activity levels but you’re not sure how to get started, try a fitness app! The apps below don’t require a Fitbit or other device, but simply track your activity from your smartphone. You don’t have to be going to the gym every day to boost your endurance and strength- just getting up and moving around can make a huge difference!

Pacer is a free app that tracks all of your daily activity, monitors your weight and BMI, allows you to set daily goals like drinking more water or eating healthier food. The app even lets you create virtual walking groups with you family and friends so you can keep each other motivated or have friendly competitions.

 Stepz is a free app that allows users to track almost everything: steps, calories, total distance, active minutes, and flights of stairs climbed.

 Breeze tracks your steps and progress throughout the week, and sends you motivational messages throughout the day. This is a great app for people who might need more constant reminders to get up and take a few steps.

Accupedo tracks steps, calories, and the amount of time you spend active every day, and allows you to share this information on Facebook. This might not be your style, but if it is, Accupedo is a great way to boost your confidence and your daily exercise habits.

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