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We would like to share with you a Sarcoidosis Research Opportunity: BRonchoscopy at Initial sarcoidosis diagnosis Targeting longitudinal Endpoints (AKA, BRITE study)!

The purpose of this study is to learn how white blood cells (lymphocytes) control inflammation in sarcoidosis and whether this control is attributed to why patients experience different medical results from this disease. A better research understanding of lymphocytes could result in new ways to identify the spread of sarcoidosis as well as lead to new treatments.

If eligible, participants will be asked to make up to 6 office visits at one of four study locations over 18 months. These visits will include research procedures such as a blood draw, bronchoscopy (a procedure that allows doctors to examine your airways), and possibly a chest x-ray and pulmonary function test. Compensation for testing is provided.

Eligible participants for this study must be:

– Adults diagnosed with sarcoidosis within the past 18 months.

– On no immunosuppressive therapy at the time of enrollment

– Able to travel to and from one of the 4 BRITE study locations.

We hope you will consider taking part in this integral clinical trial in hopes to advance sarcoidosis research!


Study Locations:

  • San Francisco, California, USA – University of California, San Francisco
    • Primary Investigator: Laura Koth, MD
    • Study Coordinator: Pineet Grewel; 415-502-2378,
  • Denver, Colorado, USA – National Jewish Health
  • Iowa City, Iowa, USA – University of Iowa
    • Primary Investigator: Nabeel Hamzeh, MD
    • Study Coordinator: Brenda Werner; 319-353-8862,
  • Baltimore, Maryland, USA – Johns Hopkins Medicine
    • Primary Investigator: Edward S. Chen, MD
    • Study Coordinator: Sarah Collins; 410-550-2062,

To learn more, visit:

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