Not all of our sarcoidosis warriors spend the winter months battling polar vortexes, feet of snow, and frigid temperatures, but it can be a big challenge for those who do! We collected some tips from sarcoidosis warriors on how they get through the worst of the winter months. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other helpful tips!

Stay in when you can.

“If cold weather makes your symptoms flare up, do your best to plan ahead and avoid making any plans or appointments when it’s too cold outside. You know yourself best- always prioritize your health!”

Always keep a pack of hand warmers on you.

“Whether it’s having a backup in your car, a pair in your bag, or even at the workplace in case you get cold at work, it’s nice to have a pair of handwarmers ready in case you need them. You can buy them at most drug stores or big box stores, or buy them online in bulk! They work for your feet too!”

Heating pads, electric blankets, hot water bottle or warm baths!

“Take hot baths for the body pain. Heating pad and lots of layers and blankets. Eating healthy, staying hydrated, and treating all the symptoms as they come. Positive mental attitude.”

For pulmonary sarc symptoms, wear a scarf or other covering around your face if you’ll be outside in the cold air.

“Breathing the cold air is bad for my lungs—I always have a scarf wrapped around my nose and mouth to keep out the cold. It works wonders for my lungs compared to the sharp affects of cold air directly in the lungs.”

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