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Since sarcoidosis is a rare disease, it can be hard for patients to find a support system who understands what they are going through. For that reason, FSR started a Stop Sarcoidosis support group on Inspire, a health and wellness-focused online community. Patients and caregivers can anonymously post questions, concerns, and thoughts in the support group, and others can comment with help, support, and stories of their own. The Stop Sarcoidosis community on Inspire is a great resource for people affected by sarcoidosis, and we are so excited to announce that Inspire has launched an app!

The Inspire app makes it easier than ever to communicate within the Stop Sarcoidosis community. The app allows users to easily send and receive messages, receive push notifications for a more interactive experience, and engage with the community on the go!

The purpose of the app is to make Inspire communities more accessible to members. Users will now be able to communicate with other members as easily as they can send a text message, giving them no limits on their ability to reach out for advice or emotional support. This is the same Inspire we know and love, just on a mobile format that people can use anywhere, anytime.

The app is available in the app store for iPhone users. Unfortunately, there is no Android version of the app yet, but Inspire is working on developing one. If you are not already a member of our online support community, now is a great time to join! You’ll have the chance to interact with other members who understand the unique challenges of facing sarcoidosis, and with the new Inspire app, our community is at your fingertips.

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