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For people battling sarcoidosis, deciding what part of your story to share can be hard. This is why we have developed an easy way for you to share your story; answering some short questions. Every month we will change the prompts and give you a new topic to talk about, a different part of your story to tell. We’ll review and compile the responses we receive on each topic and share them in a blog later in the year.

This month we are focusing on sarcoidosis patients experience with doctors and the medical system. Dealing with doctors, getting tests done, and the frustrations of having a rare disease are all part of the reality of living with sarcoidosis. By sharing your story you will be helping other sarcoidosis warriors find new ways to deal with the daily burden of this disease. Patients and caretaker alike are invited to share their input on life with sarcoidosis by answering the questions below.

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