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Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research is seeking applicants for our first Women of Color Committee. African Americans in the U.S. have been the group most affected by sarcoidosis with an estimated lifetime risk as high as 2% among the population. Additionally, African Americans are more likely to experience chronic and severe symptoms of sarcoidosis, and African American women experience the highest incidence of sarcoidosis in the U.S compared to any other group.

The purpose of the WOC Committee is to ensure African American women’s voices are a central part of FSR’s mission in increasing awareness in order to lead to earlier diagnosis and disease management, as well as to connect individuals in this community with the sarcoidosis network. Members of this committee will use their personal stories and experiences to educate and promote awareness of sarcoidosis in African American women in communities nationwide.

If you are an African American woman who has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, or has a strong connection to the sarcoidosis patient community, we encourage you to apply to become a member of FSR’s Women of Color Committee.

Benefits of becoming a member of the FSR WOC Committee include:

  • Receive communications trainings.
  • Participate in potential media interviews/events.
  • Have the opportunity, if interested, in being part of a Sarc Podcast.
  • Have input on educational resources.

Applications are now closed.