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FSR is pleased to announce that the FSR Sarcoidosis Research Fellowship for 2022-2024 is being awarded to Dr. Nancy Lin from National Jewish Health, a Founding Member of the FSR Global Sarcoidosis Clinic Alliance, for her project, “Defining MicroRNA Biomarkers in Sarcoidosis.” FSR has awarded $1.40 million through the FSR Sarcoidosis Research Fellowships Grant program and is thrilled to award Dr. Lin a fellowship in the amount of $150,000 over two-years, to continue FSR’s investment in support of promising early career investigators.

Dr. Lin will be mentored throughout her fellowship by Dr. Lisa Maier, an internationally renowned sarcoidosis researcher. Dr. Maier is the Chief of the Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at National Jewish Health (NJH) and Professor of Medicine at NJH, and the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Sciences in the Department of Medicine, School of Medicine and the Environmental Occupational Health Department in the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Dr. Maier is an esteemed member of the FSR Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Maier has collaborated extensively with sarcoidosis experts around the world on studies focusing on defining genetic, genomic, epigenetic, and exposure risk factors in occupational, environmental, and idiopathic lung diseases, to help define biomarkers and therapeutic and preventive interventions.

“I am so appreciative of being awarded the FSR Fellowship Grant. This grant will allow me to continue developing my expertise in complex cases of sarcoidosis and will assist me in achieving my goal of becoming an expert [in sarcoidosis]. Additionally, this grant enables me to continue my research in genomic biomarkers in sarcoidosis. With support from the FSR, I hope this research will lead to improvements in the clinical management of individuals with sarcoidosis.” said Dr. Lin.

FSR’s Sarcoidosis Research Fellowship program was initiated in 2018 and has helped to support the research of six fellows and build the pipeline for the next generation of sarcoidosis researchers. The FSR Fellowship Grant provides an opportunity for early-stage investigators to develop specialized skills and gain direct experience within the field of sarcoidosis.

“FSR is excited to welcome Dr. Lin to the prestigious group of FSR Sarcoidosis Research Fellows and is confident that this research will lead to important discoveries and new potential avenues for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of sarcoidosis.” said Mary McGowan, FSR’s Chief Executive Officer.

To learn more about FSR’s Fellowship and research programs, please click here.

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