FSR is hosting our fifth annual Team KISS 5K Run/Walk in Atlanta, GA this year. This event helps raise awareness about sarcoidosis while also fundraising for critical research and patient support programs. But the event is more than just a walk- it’s a movement. We work with volunteers from all across the globe to help them start their own independent Team KISS walks that correspond with our event in April, Sarcoidosis Awareness Month. We even have a virtual walk option, where you can join in on the fun (and still nab a Team KISS t-shirt) even if you’re unable to attend an event in person! This way, sarc warriors and their loved ones from all corners of the US and abroad can join us as we Kick In to Stop Sarcoidosis!

This year, we’re highlighting some of our super awesome independent walks, like the Walk in the Park for Sarc event in Wheaton, IL! Read more about their event on April 28th below!

“Sarcoidosis? What the heck is that?”
This is the usual reaction when patients tell people why they’re sick or in pain so often: why they’re out of breath from the simplest of tasks; or why they’re constantly going for tests at their doctor’s office or local hospital.

“But you look fine.”
This is often the reaction of people when they hear their friend or family member is really ill. Sarcoidosis does it’s damage inside the body and can attack any organ.

Attn: Patients, Family and Friends in the Chicagoland Area!

April is Sarcoidosis Awareness Month. Come join us on our Walk in the Park for Sarc to meet and support some people who live with this debilitating disease. They’re just like you, but one day woke up and their life was forever changed. Most people take walking or breathing for granted. However, many sarcoidosis patients can’t walk up the stairs to their bedroom much less walk 1-3 miles.

All proceeds go directly to FSR for much needed research as there is currently no cure and there are very limited treatment options.
Even if you can’t make it to the event, consider joining us as a “virtual” walker or just make a donation.