This year, FSR made some huge progress on our research agenda. This coming year promises to build on that progress, with new developments on several major projects that will lead to better understanding of the disease and therapies, more interest on the part of young physicians and researchers, and the continued advancement of the field of sarcoidosis research. Learn more about what we’ve accomplished and what projects we’re excited about in the coming year:

Disease Model

This year, FSR began funding on five research projects dedicated to finding an acceptable disease model for sarcoidosis. A disease model is a scientific model, either animal, tissue or computational, that allows researchers to simulate and study a disease. After careful review of our dozens of applicants, FSR chose to fund five promising research projects scattered across the globe. Learn more about the Disease Model Grant. 

Clinical Studies Network

Our Clinical Studies Network (CSN) is finishing up its first two-year grant period and is reviewing applications for site for the new grant period. The CSN brings together an international consortium of world-renowned medical institutes and researchers for unprecedented collaboration in multi-site studies and drug trials in sarcoidosis research. This second grant period will include more sites and additional studies. Learn more about the FSR Clinical Studies Network.

Sarcoidosis Fellowship Program

FSR is excited about our new Sarcoidosis Fellowship Program, which aims to increase interest in the sarcoidosis space among young clinicians and researchers. This two-year fellowship program is the first of its kind and will ensure that young physicians with an interest in sarcoidosis will have the opportunity to specialize in the disease. Learn more about the FSR Sarcoidosis Fellowship Program.

Clinical Endpoints Summit

FSR is committed to accelerating sarcoidosis research- to help achieve this goal, we are collaborating with the top physicians, patients, industry and regulatory agencies to work towards establishing a set of endpoints and help guide further research within the disease. This includes hosting a summit where all of these voices can share input and collaborate to develop a set of effective clinical endpoints that will lead to a better understanding on the effectiveness of sarcoidosis therapies moving forward.