The FSR Clinical Studies Network (FSR-CSN) brings together an international consortium of world-renowned medical institutes and researchers for unprecedented collaboration in multi-site studies and drug trials in sarcoidosis research. The goals of the network are to:

  • collaborate for studies,
  • test the efficacies of treatment approaches,
  • measure the impact of re-purposed drug treatments,
  • and rapidly screen new promising compounds that emerge from biomedical research, significantly decreasing the time and amount of money needed to develop them.

FSR-CSN provides a forum to address a range of important but unanswered questions in sarcoidosis, facilitates a move towards broader consensus about clinical endpoints, and enables pharmaceutical industry entrance into the sarcoidosis space with less perceived risk. As an active, working entity, the Network provides a valuable resource for industry, academia, and individual researchers.

Requests for Applications is now closed for the second grant period. 

The FSR Clinical Studies Network (FSR-CSN) is led by a Steering Committee composed of the Principal Investigators from each participating institution. FSR-CSN is composed of 8 sites, two international and 6 U.S.-based.

Work of the FSR- CSN to date has included two internal studies and several industry-initiated trials. All results will be published in professional and/or other publications and reports.

Site Location Primary Investigator (Awardee)
Albany Medical College Albany, NY Judson, Marc
Hôpital Avicenne Bobigny, France Valeyre, Dominique
Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, OH Culver, Daniel
Johns Hopkins Medicine Baltimore, MD Chen, Edward
National Jewish Health Denver, CO Maier, Lisa
St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein, Netherlands Grutters, Jan
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH Baughman, Robert
University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System Chicago, IL Sweiss, Nadera
ILD Care Foundation; WASOG President (not a site) Drent, Marjolein: CSN Steering Committee Chair

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