SARConnect – FSR’s Newest Initiative to Accelerate Advancements in the Sarcoid World

Through the works of various combined efforts and creative avenues, FSR is proud to announce that it has launched SARConnect, a program designed to bridge the gap between industry, clinicians, investigators, and patients in the world of sarcoidosis. This new program will ultimately serve to accelerate research in treatments, diagnostics, medical technology, and investigative studies. SARConnect will also play a significant role in fostering collaboration between patients, physicians, investigators, and industry.

It comes with no surprise that the sarcoidosis space consists of a small network with a large level of discontinuity. Clinical trials come to a premature end due to the inadequate recruitment of patients, ultimately preventing sarcoid drugs from reaching the market and the masses. It is estimated that 85% of clinical trials in the United States fall short in recruitment, forcing a termination of the study. Yet, 92% of sarcoidosis patients represented in the FSR Patient Registry have expressed their interest in being contacted for clinical studies. Through FSR’s very own growing global registry of sarcoidosis patients, the launch of SARConnect works to stimulate and cause a surge in drug development by being the liaison for study subjects and investigators. FSR has the ability to effectively recruit consent-provided patients through multiple internal resources. This capacity consists of a longitudinal IRB-approved patient registry of thousands, an online community of over 28,000 patients, Patient Ambassadors, support groups, and a global connection to patients internally.

What makes SARConnect most appealing is its capacity for industry leaders, academia, and start-ups in the field of sarcoidosis to save immensely on costs. $1.9 billion is spent annually on clinical trial recruitment in the United States. Along with that, $1 million is lost in sales for a drug every day there is a delay in development. FSR provides this service to stakeholders at no cost, serving as a major cost saver.

SARConnect will also support the development of technological advancements to assist in the field of diagnostics and treatments by using FSR’s network to connect the nation’s top investigators, clinicians, and centers of excellence in the field of sarcoidosis. SARConnect can help to support any medical technology or re-purposed drug treatments, in addition to new drug developments, to reshape the future of sarcoidosis.

FSR expects that SARConnect will be key to changing the world of sarcoidosis today. It is only through the acceleration of research that patients will find relief through this struggle, but more importantly, through the push for advancements from this approach, FSR is one step closer to finding a cure.

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