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The goal of the Patient Survey is to give Black sarcoidosis patients a voice to share their experiences so we may learn more about the factors and experiences driving the behaviors, attitudes, and decision-making around healthcare, clinical trials participation, and comfort engaging with the medical community.    

Why You Should Take the Survey:  

-Be part of the solution! Help inform strategies to make clinical trials research more accessible to Black Americans.  

-Provide a better understanding of how sarcoidosis impacts the quality of life of Black Americans. 

-Help increase representation of Black Americans in clinical trials research so we can improve care for Black Americans and improve treatment and care for all patients. 


*All respondents will be entered in a raffle to win a 2022 iPad Air upon successful completion of the survey.*


Complete FSR’s anonymous patient survey to share your experience with sarcoidosis, as well as your knowledge and perspective on clinical trials and the role it plays in advancing treatment for sarcoidosis patients. 


Survey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 


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