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One of our main priorities at FSR is to deliver up-to-date, quality information to sarcoidosis patients and their loved ones. While we work to do this with our seven annual patient conferences across the US, we understand it’s difficult for many to attend. To help ensure everyone has access to this important information, we not only record the conferences, but also host several webinars throughout the year. These webinars offer patients a chance to ask experts questions in real time, as well as a chance to watch the recorded webinar later and share it with friends and family.

FSR proudly co-hosted a webinar with the American Thoracic Society as part of our campaign for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month. The webinar, called “Sarcoidosis Treatment and the Future of Research,” was help on April 4th and was led by Dr. Dan Culver of the Cleveland Clinic.

For those who were unable to attend, or those who’d like to rewatch Dr. Culver’s presentation, the recording is available for you here:

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