As a small nonprofit, FSR relies on independent fundraising from generous supporters like you. Independent events have consistently contributed toward FSR’s mission to fund critical sarcoidosis research projects and programs that improve education and care for sarc patients. In 2016 alone, FSR supporters raised $23,100 by hosting independent events for their friends, family and communities.

Getting involved isn’t as hard as it sounds- there are endless way to fundraise! Read on for just a few ways YOU can kick into action and help us stop sarcoidosis!

Super Easy Fundraisers

  • Dress Down Day: If you work in a corporate environment, talk to someone in HR about setting up a jeans day for a good cause. Employees can make a small donation and get to wear jeans or casual clothes to work on that designated day. Encourage purple clothing too to raise awareness for sarcoidosis!
  • Restaurant Night: Work with a restaurant that will donate a percentage of sales from a specific time period to your cause. For any group who comes in to eat with a “ticket” or group code for the event, 10-20% of the pre-tax proceeds from that event will be donated to the fundraiser. Many national chain restaurants offer this opportunity (check out this list of participating restaurants) and your local ones may as well!

Sports Fundraisers

  • Fun Run: classic and easy to execute! Pick a fun theme and have people dress up! Even better, join the movement and host a KISS independent walk in April! 
  • Bike Ride: pick a local bike trail or other safe roadway, put on some purple and get pedaling! Awards for best decorated bike or best costume never hurt either!
  • Kickball Tournament: just like grade school! You’ll really be “kicking” in to stop sarcoidosis!
  • Golf Tournament: rally the troops and hit the fairways! 
  • Sports for a Cause: Know someone on a local school sports team? Ask them to designate a home game to sarcoidosis awareness- you can make signs to hang in the gym to raise awareness, ask the players to wear purple, and collect donations at the door.
    • Take it one step further: have friends and family donate baked goods to sell at the game!

Tasty Fundraisers

  • Pancake breakfast: a great way to rally the community- who doesn’t love pancakes?
  • Barbecue: get your neighborhood together and grill out! You can have suggested donations at the door, or a flat rate for a delicious home-cooked meal!
    • Take it one step further: make it a cook off! Do you make a mean chili or the world’s best apple pie? Challenge friends and family to compete, and invite everyone you know!
  • Pub Crawl: follow these tips to organize a local bar crawl- have everyone wear purple and raise awareness at every bar you go to!
  • Cocktail Party: As fancy or casual as you’d like! Whip up some classic cocktails, or make up your own and give it a fun name.

Make a Night of It

  • 50/50 Raffle: for those who don’t know, a 50/50 raffle is one where the winner gets half of the money made from selling tickets, and the other half goes towards the fundraising!
  • Auction: ask local businesses to donate items for auction- if you have crafty friends, ask them to make items you can auction off too!
  • Fashion Show: you and your friends are the models! Take a stroll down the “catwalk.” Put together your trendiest outfits, or make it a fun theme like fashion by the decade (outfits from the 20’s, 50’s, 80’s, etc.) Charge admission or have a suggested donation at the door.
    • Take it one step further: ask a local boutique to lend you clothes for the event…it’s free advertising and good publicity for them! 
  • Trivia Night: pick a topic you think will attract people from your area and host trivia at a local bar or someone’s house. Teams must make a donation to play, and the winning team gets a prize!
  • Band Bash: enlist local bands to play at a nearby bar, charge admission, ask the bar to donate a portion of the proceeds from a certain specialty beverage or meal to the cause that night!
    • Take it one step further: make it a battle of the bands! Making it a competition may help you draw more of a crowd.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this list with tons of ideas and helpful tips!

Need some more inspiration? Look at some successful events from 2016! Including: a fun run, a fashion show, band bash, memorial golf tournament, and more! to get an independent events handbook and start planning your event today!