Dear Pulmonary Sarcoidosis Patient,

FSR is reaching out with our partner Transparency Life Sciences to ask if you would be interested in a future clinical trial of a new drug candidate for pulmonary sarcoidosis.

This trial would test the drug Kiacta (eprodisate), an oral medication that could reduce your steroid dose and avoid unfavorable side-effects. Transparency has completed a final design that incorporates crowdsourced feedback provided via their Protocol Builder, in which some of you may have participated. The trial is expected to begin enrolling in 2017, after receiving final clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

If you choose to participate, your involvement would include:

  • an approximately one-year time commitment
  • daily administration of Kiacta tablet or placebo (sugar pill), along with a standard dose of steroids that lowers in small steps
  • participating in the study’s five to ten visits via video and other secure Internet-based technologies. These visits will take approximately thirty minutes each, from any location convenient for you, typically your home.

The survey will help us determine which patients might be interested in participating. Please respond to this one-question survey that gauges interest in this trial.

Best regards,

Ginger Spitzer
Executive Director
Foundation of Sarcoidosis Research
Tomasz Sablinski, MD, Ph.D.
CEO, Transparency Life Sciences, LLC