FSR’s Ginger Spitzer will be presenting at the 8th annual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives, or SCOPE in Miami, FL later this month.

SCOPE is a 3-day summit of conferences, workshops and symposiums, all dedicated to productive and in-depth conversations the planning and management of clinical trials. Spitzer’s presentation, Patient Access and Outreach: The Role of Disease Foundations to Secure and Manage Real World Data, will highlight the role that organizations like FSR play in helping advance research and clinical trials. One way FSR does this is by organizing and managing anonymous patient data that can be used to help research identify patterns or certain demographics within the sarc patient population. FSR’s patient registry is one of the most comprehensive sarcoidosis databases that is able to provide researchers with the information they need to make key breakthroughs in sarcoidosis research.

Spitzer is not the only representation FSR will have at the summit- Board of Directors Member Craig Lipset will also be speaking.

The SCOPE summit will be taking place January 24-25 in Miami, FL. SCOPE is a Cambridge Healthtech Institute event.