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Right now, the world can feeling more isolating than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing much our our usual summer activities to a grinding halt, the rest of the world now has a glimpse into the feelings of isolation that can be so common in the lives of those living with chronic illnesses like sarcoidosis.

We know that promoting community and fellowship among sarcoidosis patients is incredibly important, like with any rare disease space. It allows individuals impacted by this disease to share stories and support and create common bonds. FSR has historically promoted community through our in-person events, as well as online through our online support community on Inspire. 

Now, we’re more excited than ever to offer a new opportunity to meet with other sarc warriors and care partners – including opportunities for face-to-face chatting – all from the safety and comfort of your own home! FSR’s Virtual Summits are being held on a sophisticated online platform that includes numerous features to create meaningful interactions between participants. Learn more below and register today!

Virtual Lounge

The Summit platform includes a virtual lounge where attendees can hang out, meet other attendees, and choose which opportunities they’d like to participate in.


Patient Panel Meet and Greets

Members of the FSR Patient Panel will be hosting individual meet and greets throughout the day where you can connect with them directly to share about your experiences and ask them any questions you may have. 

Chat Feature

Summit attendees will have the choice to participate in chat rooms or direct chats that will allow for interactions discussing the seminars or other challenges often faced by sarc warriors. This will allow attendees to share their experiences and support one another for the full duration of the day.  

Video Chatting

Our comprehensive online platform even allows interested attendees to video chat one another during sessions and all throughout the day. Have a friend or loved one who lives in another state or you can’t visit with due to social distancing guidelines? Invite them to join you for a Virtual Summit and you can watch together while still having your very own, completely private video chat going!

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