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The Foundation of Sarcoidosis Research has commissioned a research study to find out the most important outcomes, the core outcomes, of treatment for pulmonary sarcoidosis.

What’s a core outcome?

When new treatments are developed, and tested, researchers look at the effect those new treatments have on patients by measuring an “outcome”. At the moment, different studies often measure different outcomes which makes it more difficult to compare and combine the results. We can’t measure everything all the time, and some things may just be measured in some studies, but what the SCOUT study wants to find out is what outcomes are so important that they should always be measured in research for pulmonary sarcoidosis.


You can find out more about core outcomes in this short (3 minute) video:



View the entire SCOUT Protocol.

How you can help.

While this research opportunity is no longer recruiting participants, you can find more ways to get involved in research here.

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