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Distinctive: Discussions of Disparities & Diversity in Sarcoidosis

Addressing Disparities and Diversity in Care of Patients Living with Sarcoidosis to Improve Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome.


To fully understand sarcoidosis, we must understand the differences in each patient’s experience. Sarcoidosis is underrepresented in clinical trials because of complexities associated with these disparate experiences. Expanding access to care and moving the needle on health equity for sarcoidosis patients is critically needed. In response to these needs, FSR partnered with Stronger Than Sarcoidosis (STS) for a first of its kind discussion of Disparities and Diversity in Sarcoidosis. Patients, experts, and leading advocacy organizations came together to explore how to improve representation with a rare disease like sarcoidosis.  

The Disparities and Diversity in Sarcoidosis Summit was informative and identified meaningful steps toward progress, however, we know discussion is simply not enough. As part of FSR’s overall strategy to address health equity we developed a white paper to share the identified actionable steps to address disparities in access and care experience by those living with sarcoidosis. This white paper enables FSR to share these findings with key stakeholders and decision makers across the sarcoidosis and rare disease space.  

We encourage you to read the paper, watch the summit recordings, and share with your providers, and your community to help us increase understanding of these critically important issues.  


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