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Dr. Elliott Crouser and his team at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH are seeking participants for a clinical study involving the progression of granulomas in sarcoidosis through in vitro (outside of a living being) human model.

The goals of this study are to determine what leads to granuloma formation and inflammation in sarcoidosis, and to improve the in vitro model for the purpose of further evaluating granuloma formation. 

They are seeking up to 10 participants with sarcoidosis in the state of Ohio to help advance this study by donating up to 1 cup of blood. 

If necessary, participants may be asked to donate a second cup of blood within a 6-month period.  


Participation is voluntary. Participants are free to partake in the study for the full 2-year duration with multiple visits, or within a single visit. They are free to withdraw from the study at any time without any penalties to them or loss of benefits to which they are otherwise entitled. Participants will never be asked to donate more than the maximum 480 ml of blood allowed within a given 2-month period.

This study is seeking potential participants with active sarcoidosis. Please see the definition of active sarcoidosis as defined for this trial.

Active sarcoidosis criteria (These symptoms must be CURRENTLY ACTIVE) – skin rash, enlarged lymph nodes, active lung disease (abnormal x-ray, coughing, shortness of breath), current eye inflammation, abnormal liver tests, or elevated calcium levels. 

***If participant is not currently on any medications to treat sarcoidosis, they may be eligible to participate if they do not have signs of active disease. 

Final determination of whether the patient has or does not have “active sarcoidosis,” as required for this study will be made by Dr. Crouser.

Inactive sarcoidosis based on available clinical information and ongoing immune suppression treatments, as determined by Dr. Crouser.

Participant will be excluded if taking any of the following medications/doses:

  • prednisone 15mg or more daily 
  • methotrexate 15 mg or more weekly
  • azathioprine 100 mg daily or more
  • infliximab (Remicade) or adalimumab (Humira)

To learn more about this clinical trial, please contact the lead principal investigator, Dr. Elliott Crouser:
(614) 293-4925

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