It’s Rare Disease Day! Each year, Rare Disease Day falls on the last day of February. This is a day for the rare disease community to come together and celebrate what we have in common as well as what makes us all, well….rare! We hope to raise awareness about rare diseases with the general public as well as the decision makers who can have a huge affect on the rare community.

Turns out, rare diseases are not so rare- there are 7,000 rare disorders and diseases, affecting around 30 million Americans. That means 1 in 10 Americans lives with a rare disease. Sarcoidosis patients make up approximately 200,000 of those rare patients, and sarcoidosis is included in the 95% of rare diseases that have no cure.

Check out the official Rare Disease Day video from our friends at NORD below and learn more about how you can help raise awareness for Rare Disease Day!