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As the holidays approach in what has been a uniquely challenging year, FSR is excited to support sarcoidosis warriors and their care partners through a Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop Series.

Lead by Susan D’Agostino, a sarcoidosis warrior certified in mindfulness and meditation, we will cover the following topics aimed and creating a self-care practice, as well as learning how stress affects the body and your health.

Session One: Mindfulness and Meditation for Health and Well-being       75 Minutes

In this introductory session, we will discuss what mindfulness means, what meditations are and their common misconceptions, as well as stress and its physiological effect (what it’s doing) on the mind and body. You’ll also learn a meditation practice.

Session Two: Physical Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation      75 Minutes

In this session, we will build on the concepts from Session One, and expand into a discussion about the physical benefits of meditation, how to optimize our immune systems with mindfulness and meditation. As well as a discussion of physical benefits of meditation in sarcoidosis. We’ll end the session with a meditation practice followed by Q&A.

Session Three: Mental Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation     75 Minutes

In this session we will continue to build upon concepts from the previous sessions, and expand into a discussion about the term “neuroplasticity”. We will explore how mindfulness and meditation can help memory and cognition. We will end the session with a meditation practice followed by Q&A.

Session Four: Emotional Benefits of Meditation        75 Minutes

In this session we will build upon concepts form the previous sessions and expand into a discussion on the utilization of mindfulness and meditation for alleviating nervousness, anxiety and fear. We will focus on how to create inner peace, as well as steps for continuing your daily practice of mindfulness and meditation. We’ll touch on “How and When can I do this?”. We will end the session with a meditation practice and Q&A.

About the instructor

Susan D’Agostino, RN, MS, CMMI

Susan D’Agostino is a certified mindfulness meditation instructor through the McLean Meditation Institute. Susan is a sarcoidosis warrior and has had a life-long interest in the mind-body connection, specifically as to how the mind affects the body in prevention of disease and in its recovery from illness. She is a retired registered nurse, and has worked in the health care setting in various roles for over 40 years.

Susan utilizes meditation and mindfulness practices in her own daily life. As your meditation and mindfulness coach, she will teach you techniques that will help you in your personal journey to health.


More Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions coming in 2021!


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