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$500,000 Donation to FSR ensures research investment and establishes The Marvin And Harlene Wool Giving Society!

We are pleased announce that FSR was recently granted a $500,000 gift from Marvin and Harlene Wool who are dedicated advancing sarcoidosis research.  Their generous gift has established the FSR Marvin and Harlene Wool Giving Society created for donor investments at the $500K level.  The funds will be used to advance projects that will push sarcoidosis research forward into uncharted, promising territories.

For individuals seeking to invest heavily in the movement toward accelerated research, FSR offers named giving societies for donors which are designed to fast-track efforts toward immediate research findings. We view these as “living gifts” in that they remain infinite legacies as well as literally invest in life for sarcoidosis patients. Contact Amy Donatell at 312-341-0500 ext 102, or to plan your legacy.

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