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Welcome- we’re so excited you’ve decided to share your sarcoidosis story with us!

Thank you for your interest in sharing your story with us! Sharing your experience with sarcoidosis is not only therapeutic for you, but also helpful for the hundreds of other patients and loved ones who will read it. There are so many similarities between patients, but many suffer for years before meeting another person who knows the name of their disease, let alone someone else who is also battling this rare disease. By sharing your story openly and honestly, you’ll validate the experience of other sarcoidosis warriors and help them realize they are not alone. Together we’ll continue to strengthen our community and raise much needed awareness for this devastating disease!

We have three different ways to help you tell your story. If you know what you want to write about or already have something you’re working on, you can submit it as a guest blog. If you’re short on time or you’d like some more guidance on what to write about, you can fill out our survey-style short answer prompts. Or, if you just want to submit a short quote and photo you can do that too!

Everyone who submits to our blog has a different reason for writing, and a different story to share. Whatever story you want to tell, we ask that you do it in an honest and respectful way. If you’re worried that something you want to write might be controversial or not meet our guidelines, email us at and we’ll help you work through it!

If you’re short on time, share a short quote about your experience with sarc and a photo.

Our blog submission form still contains optional prompts to help you brainstorm, but also allows for plenty of creativity!

See some of our past guest blogs linked below, or check out our “Patient Voices” blog category for more!

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