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Social Media Kit

We are thrilled to have the support of organizations and advocates like you to help amplify our message! 


To support the Ignore No More: ACTe Now! campaign and raise awareness on social media you can: 

  • Download and share graphics and suggested language with your communities and members on social media 
  • Engage with FSR’s posts by commenting, liking and sharing.  
  • Include your preferred graphics and/or information about the #IgnoreNoMore campaign in your newsletters and email correspondence.  


Please be sure to tag Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research in your posts (@stopsarcoidosis) and use the suggested hashtags below. 

#IgnoreNoMoreACTNow Graphics

#IgnoreNoMore Hashtags: 

#IgnoreNoMoreACTNow #Sarcoidosis #StopSarcoidosis #ClinicalTrials #Research #RepresentationMatters #HealthDisparities 

Additional Suggestions:

#ChronicIllness #ChronicIllnessSupport #SarcoidosisWarrior #sarcwarrior #BlackHealth #BlackWomensHealth #WomensHealth #raredisease #SpoonieLife  


Instructions on how to use the graphics: 

1: Download by right clicking an image below to save it onto your desktop or a folder you select. You can also simply drag it onto your desktop. 

2: Log on to the social media site you’d like to post on. FSR will be utilizing Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for this campaign. Please note: Certain graphics are formatted to fit specific social media channels. Those graphics will be labeled so select the correct graphic. 

3: Copy and paste the sample message you wish to share with the selected graphic into your status update or create your own message that includes the hashtag #IgnoreNoMoreACTNow!. 

4: Upload the #IgnoreNoMoreACTNow! image saved onto your desktop (or selected folder) to accompany your status update.  

5: Post your status update and encourage others to participate in the campaign by liking, commenting, and sharing your posts, and by following 

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