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Ignore No More: African American Women & Sarcoidosis 

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) launched the Ignore No More: African American Women & Sarcoidosis (AAWS) Campaign to raise awareness among African American women and providers to improve diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for African American women.

African American women bear the greatest burden when compared to all other groups impacted by sarcoidosis. They experience the highest incidence of sarcoidosis in the US. They have more severe and chronic forms of sarcoidosis, higher rates of hospitalization, and a higher mortality rate. These disparities underscore the importance and necessity of this campaign, and we are thrilled to have the support of our partners to help amplify our message that sarcoidosis in African American women needs to be addressed.

The FSR Ignore No More Campaign is a call to action for patients and providers.

It is a message to patients calling them to listen to their bodies and be proactive in seeking care when changes or symptoms occur. It is also a call for health care providers to listen to African American women, acknowledge the massive health disparities that impact their care, and take active steps to address the interpersonal and systemic barriers that fuel mistrust and lead to poorer outcomes.

To support this campaign and our mission to raise awareness you can:
  • Follow @stopsarcoidosis on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Download and share graphics and suggested language with your communities and members on social media
  • Share our event flyer for the upcoming webinar “Sarcoidosis, The Rare Disease African American Women Need to Know” with your members. The webinar will take place February 16, 2022, 1:00 pm CT - 2:30 pm CT.
  • Engage with FSR’s posts by commenting, liking and sharing.
  • Include your preferred graphics and/or information about the #IgnoreNoMore campaign in your newsletters and email correspondence.


We are thrilled to have the support of our partners to help amplify our message!

Instructions on how to use the graphics:

1: Download by right clicking an image below to save it onto your desktop or a folder you select. You can also simply drag it onto your desktop.

2: Log on to the social media site you’d like to post on. FSR will be utilizing Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for this campaign. Please note: Certain graphics are formatted to fit specific social media channels. Those graphics will be labeled so, be sure to select the correct graphic.

3: Copy and paste the sample message you wish to share with the selected graphic into your status update or create your own message that includes the hashtag #IgnoreNoMore.

4: Upload the #IgnoreNoMore image saved onto your desktop (or selected folder) to accompany your status update.

5: Post your status update and encourage others to participate in the campaign by liking, commenting and sharing your posts, and by following

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